Be careful what you wish for



Franklin Graham has claimed that Trump’s victory was due to the God factor. To that I would say: This is disappointing. Franklin you are not your dad. Many faithful Christians prayed and did not support Trump. Trying to claim Trump’s win as God’s will is hubris of the worst kind. Maybe Franklin forgets that sometimes God lets his people have what they think they want. Like when they wanted a king instead of the judges God had appointed and so they demanded one and they got Saul. Saul looked good for a while, but was not what God wanted and it was a disaster. Or how about when God’s people demanded meat because they weren’t happy with the Manna God was providing them on the daily in the wilderness; and so God gave them quail until they were sick and it was coming out of their nostrils. Or when the religious superiors thought they knew best and decided it was better for one man to die than to upset their apple cart and so they crucified Jesus.

Oh, God can certainly make good out of any disaster; we of faith have no doubt about that! That’s what makes Good Friday ‘Good!’ And God can certainly use anyone and anything to accomplish his purpose. He used an ass once before, just ask Balaam! So all of us liberal Christians will pray, and be hopeful, and be gracious and we will be determined yet peaceful. But we will not stand idly by and let the name of Christianity be twisted. #bleedingheartofjesusliberalsunite

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