Into The Swirling

LoveisourGenesisAs I lay here and my tears fall into my ears, I hear the waters of chaos.
Let me feel you pull me to the surface and say “Stand! Walk! See, I command the waves and the wind, you have no reason to fear!”
Because the weight of this stone on my chest is almost welcome, pulling me down. Sea creatures surround me as I fall
fall  into the swirling.
But you have surface-work for me to do.
You have airy things for me to accomplish and I cannot stay here in the deep.
So grab my hand and yank me, gasping, to the foaming break of day. Toss me on the shore where I can gasp and sputter back into what you have called me.
Sing the sacred song into my ears again until that small, knowing smile breaks across my face like dawn and I remember and I am grateful.

*image-original alcohol ink painting by Sue Corley: Love Is Our Genesis

4 thoughts on “Into The Swirling

  1. That is beautiful… I remember in our younger days how you always would write poetry…glad to see your return to your calling ❤️


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