Farewell to Our President

  • temporarilyoutoforderHe wanted to make America great, but not with hate
    or a wall;
    he just wanted justice and healthcare for all.
    But they questioned his birthright- that ain’t right!
    he wasn’t some Esau that sold out for stew what he knew was the future of a nation.
    He was patient and gracious when they spit in his face.
    It’s amazing with all the hazing he withstood
    that the good inside never got sidelined.
    They said ‘he’s a Muslim!’
    Then let me be one!
    Cause what I see is someone showing humility, the mark of Christianity and humanity.
    Compassion that’s not in fashion on that hill in DC.
    But there will be an accounting for all this hate and fear that’s mounting
    at the call of that trumpet blaring,
    because the truth is staring us in our faces.
    But our eyes are too puffed up with pride to recognize that the tide has turned and its flowing
    toward a place we don’t want to be going.
    And so many will be crushed in the amber waves and the tempest tossed will be lost because…
    America will be temporarily out of order.

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