Jesus rebuking demon

Trump has chosen to mock those who disagee with him. He says we are resisting change and what is good for the country No. No, we are resisting fascism and an end to the noble idea of democracy. We are resisting you, Mr. Trump. We are resisting big business (big pharma, big oil, big sugar, big insurance) that rape the Earth and Her citizens. We are resisting ignorance that masquerades as patriotism and Christianity that wants to have all the power. Because true patriots want freedom and justice for ALL and true Christians know that bending to help the lowly is what God sees as greatness.

You may continue to trumpet away, but we have seen your like before. Those who call lies truth and who try to divide and conquer. The Herods who would do anything to hold onto their power and who hid behind a religious sect that they neither believed in nor cared about. Small children who threatened his power were annihilated. Not even his own children were safe in the end.

The Caesars who tried to maintain order with swords and crosses (or nuclear weapons and fighter jets.) They could maintain a peace, by force. But it was not true peace.
We have seen this before in Hitler who masqueraded as a unifier of Germany but proved to be a monster whose megalomania and narcissism caused the deaths of millions of innocent people.

History has seen you before. And God has dealt with your kind before. God is not mocked. Righteousness and peace will kiss, (Psalm 85) and the whole world will see it. The wilderness will be a highway for people to find the God of grace, mercy and love. No walls, just a level ground for ALL to be welcomed. And the world will see you for what you are.

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